About Blingderella

Welcome to the home of Blingderella!

Finally we have a website! We would truly like to thank our huge fan base on Facebook & Twitter

Nina & Fiona started the Blingderella journey less than a year ago as a hobby. We picked up a pair of shoes & just blinged them with one of our funky designs. then created a Facebook page to show people what we could do & it snowballed from there.  Before we knew it we had nearly 50,000 Facebook likes.

We are the originators of unique designed Converse and put everything into creating an amazing pair of Children's Crystal Customised pair of shoes. We take pride in the fact that all our designs are original, unique and creative. We take great care with each pair & pour lots of love into everything we do.

If you don't see what you want, we are also very open to special requirements, just send us a message using the Contact Form or email orders@blingderella.co.uk

Love, Blingderella x

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